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Knock Out here. You know what to do.
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Feel free to leave any crit or comments about how I'm playing Knock Out! Anon is enabled, and I can also be contacted at [plurk.com profile] runawayballista.
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Name: Madi
Pronoun: she/her
Email address: runawayballista@gmail.com
Preferred contact: [plurk.com profile] runawayballista (preferred), AIM: timetravelresetbaby
Other characters: Milly Baelheit, Julius Baelheit

Name: Knock Out
Aliases: N/A
Canon: Transformers Prime
Role: part-time Decepticon, full-time sexy sports car
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: MALE, even tho Cybertronians don’t do gender??? whatever robots
Age: at least a few million years. idk. dude’s old. old as balls

look at this tool

he makes a pretty sweet car tho

Origin story: Knock Out has been a Decepticon on and off for most of the war for Cybertron. He isn’t the most committed to the cause, for someone who’s worked his way up considerably through the ranks -- he really only joined up with Megatron because the Autobots’ goody two-shoes routine was a little too stifling for him, and working with the Decepticons provides him with plenty of opportunities to exercise his cruel side for kicks. When it comes to the cause, though, Knock Out really only fights for himself, and he’s been known to skive off his duty more than once. But because he’s one of the few medical officers in the Decepticon ranks, he manages to prove his importance enough to stick around.

A while back (let’s say a good couple hundred years), Megatron sent Knock Out and his partner on an extended scouting mission, looking for energon deposits. After an unexpected skirmish with the Autobots, Knock Out was separated from his partner and his ship. Equipped only with a shuttle, Knock Out had little choice but to make his way to the closest set of coordinates picked up by the scanners -- a little blue planet known as Earth.

When Knock Out arrived on Earth, he was -- as far as he knows -- the only Cybertronian on the planet. His partner was out of range for communications, and with little in the way of equipment or resources or ways to contact the rest of the Decepticons, Knock Out was more or less stranded. But once he realized the human appreciation of a fine vehicle -- and are there ever some fine vehicles on Earth -- he decided to make the best of his situation instead. With no communications, no prospects, and a sweet new alt mode, Knock Out decided Earth was the perfect vacation spot. He’d lie low for just a little while, “recuperating” and “gathering information” and “scouting out the energon deposits” his scanners picked up until such time as his partner either found him, or he’s able to reach out to him. While he’s made a few forays into scavenging the right equipment to create a comm frequency booster, for the most part Knock Out has spent the last few years on Earth just fucking around, traveling the globe to ogle sweet cars and get into cool street races. He’s only just recently arrived in L.A. after an extended stay in various parts of Europe, attracted to the city by a luxury car expo that’s supposed to take place soon.
Personality: Knock Out isn’t all that complicated. He’s vain, arrogant, and pretty self-absorbed, and for the most part he’s a stuck-up jerk. Although he’s pledged himself to the Decepticon cause, when it comes down to the line he’s mostly only concerned with protecting his own tailpipe. While Knock Out enjoys a good fight, it’s mostly because he enjoys winning and the ego-boosting that comes with it. He thrives on feeling superior, which is why he also enjoys his relatively high station as a medical officer in the Decepticon ranks. Most of the work he puts in is in the interest of maintaining that position; Knock Out can’t stand to be at the bottom of the totem pole, to have other people walk (or drive) all over him, and if there’s a pecking order, he wants to be near the top -- so he can do the walking all over other people. He can be quite menacing and dangerous when he wants to be -- as well as ruthless -- and he has little in the way of moral qualms with violence and subjugation. Of course, his confidence and intimidation factor are largely based in his own sense of security, so as soon as he feels like he no longer has the means to back up his swagger, he’s likely to turn tail and run. He’d rather live to fight another day than die trying to win.

Knock Out likes to live in style -- he’s a materialistic sort and not only does he enjoy having a wide assortment of fun tools at his disposal, he likes to look good, too. He probably spends more time buffing his finish than any other Decepticon in Megatron’s army, and he’d rather be in pain than have his impeccable good looks get all mussed up. He’s a self-proclaimed automobile enthusiast, and he appreciates other fine-looking cars almost as much as he appreciates his own reflection. Dude is hella gay for sexy cars. He is also almost always inappropriately sensual.

He’s almost aggressively amoral, and he’s more concerned with his own entertainment and the immediate consequences of his own actions than anything else. He doesn’t have a lot of foresight, at times, and his arrogance occasionally gets the better of him when he’s not able to see the far-reaching consequences. Knock Out lives for entertainment, and while he might be a medic, he has a cruel streak a mile wide and often uses his position as a medical officer as an excuse to exercise wanton cruelty on his patients. He is easily bored, and more than that, can’t stand being bored, so as soon as something stops holding his attention, he’s liable to abandon it for something more interesting -- especially if it’ll bolster his own ego. He isn’t the most loyal person in the world; or rather, his loyalties are tied to specific people rather than ideals. He’s much more likely to stick his neck out for his partner than he is a random fellow Decepticon (or Megatron, for that matter); but even so, his greatest loyalty is to himself.
Differences from canon: The primary difference (at the moment) is that Knock Out isn’t actively working for the Decepticon cause right now; he’s spending most of his time screwing around and enjoying himself when he gets bored. There’s also the fact that the Decepticons don’t have an established organized presence on Earth, and that Knock Out was (presumably) the first to arrive.

Power level: A
TRANSFORMATION: As a Cybertronian, Knock Out possesses the ability to transform into a vehicle of his scanning. Knock Out’s alt mode is a sweet sports car, and it can go very fast.
WEAPONS & COMBAT PROWESS: Knock Out is equipped with energon weapons in his default mode, and in addition to pew pew shooty guns, he’s pretty talented at grappling with opponents in hand-to-hand and melee combat.
“MEDICAL” “EXPERTISE”: Technically he’s a medic, but he’s certainly not the most accomplished doctor around. He sports a pretty good working knowledge of Cybertronian anatomy and medicine.
HOLOMATTER AVATAR: Like Starscream, Knock Out has the ability to project a solid holomatter avatar in human form for when he needs to get around humans in a more discreet fashion. It’s solid enough to be able to interact with the physical environment around it, and Knock Out receives auditory and visual input from the avatar. Hurting the avatar doesn’t hurt him, but does cause a fair amount of negative feedback and isn’t a pleasant experience at any rate.

Team affiliation: Decepticons, MOSTLY

First person sample: AUDIO;

[ Knock Out sounds agitated, and yet somehow, still inappropriately sensual. Somebody crossed tracks with the wrong Transformer. ]

None of you would happen to know a good autoshop around here, would you? And I mean a real autoshop, not one of those grease-stained one-stop fix-it joints I keep seeing around here. I’d like some real service, if you know what I mean. A good buff job would really put a new shine on my chassis. I mean, honestly, don’t you know it’s bad manners to key a car you don’t even know? Some people.
Prose sample: Knock Out was voted “most inappropriately sensual” two million years running in the Decepticon yearbook


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